Smart Electrical Safety Supervision and Power Management Platform

Smart Safety Effficiency

Electrical safety supervision with pre-alarm and alarm

Project location monitoring

Data analysis and power management

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General Introduction

This software platform is developed based on MTS3 and mainly used for smart electrical safety supervision and power management solution. All the projects and its location can be monitored in the platform and once and the safety information like pre-alarm and alarm information is showed in the platform in real-time.

Electrical Safety Supervision

It covers all the electrical safety information in real-time, daily and monthly. The safety information covers leakage current monitoring, Temperature monitoring, Pre-alarm and alarm of leakage current , Auto test record of Leakage current, alarm of short circuit,  pre-alarm and alarm of over/under voltage, pre-alarm and alarm of over current and overload, alarm of Arc fault , pre-alarm and alarm of unbalance and anti-fraud alarm.

Power Management

it includes energy analysis and load analysis; the energy analysis includes the energy consumption of each unit and the monthly consumption account for the total amount in one year and monthly comparison in last two years. The load analysis includes the daily comparison, weekly comparison, monthly comparison of load.
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