General Energy Efficiency Management Platform

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General energy efficiency managment with integration of water,electricity and gas.

Data analysis and energy saving

Energy efficicency improvement

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General Introduction

This is General Energy Efficiency Management Platform which integrate Water, Electricity, Gas and Steamed gas in one management platform. This platform can use all of our hardware devices. All the data’s aggregation, data classification & statistics, data Horizontal & Longitudinal Contrasts help customer to make the analysis to improve energy management efficiency sharply. At the same time, the other functions like remote meter reading, remote control and electrical pre-alarm and alarms can be realized in this platform.

General Energy Efficiency Management

This software platform can integrate water, electricity, gas together to make general energy efficiency management. And all the real-time and historical data of water, electricity and gas can be showed separately in each building and each floor.

Auto meter reading , billing and online payment

The software platform can select each item according to user’s requirement to check the billing of water, electricity and Gas and the billing can be paid by online payment system.

General Power Management

The General energy efficiency management platform can analyze and compare all kinds of data according to the user’s need, including ring comparison and comparative analysis according to day, month and year, and also can make longitudinal comparison in different buildings and floors, to help user analyze and make decisions on energy saving and consumption reduction.
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