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General Introduction

This platform is developed based on the device MT61GP and mainly used for smart electrical safety, metering and billing management and smart power management. This platform can manage multi-devices and can make the professional electrical data monitoring in real time, historical data check, energy data monitoring, electricity fee calculation and billing, remote control of each device and its sub-devices, pre-alarms and alarms of all the electrical faults, and data export.

Electrical Parameter monitoring in real-time

it includes phase voltage, line voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, temperature, and all the data can be exported in excel or PDF.

Energy data and Electricity Fee

The daily, monthly and yearly energy data and electricity fee can be showed in the platform and its also includes the sub-energy records: Sharp, Peak, shoulder, off-peak.

Pre-alarm and alarm

The platform will send pre-alarms before the electrical fault happens to unforeseen event and breaker trip and the platform can also send the alarms in case of any electrical faults. These electrical safety supervision includes pre-alarm and alarms of over voltage/under voltages , overload ,overcurrent and temperature , alarm of short circuit, arcing fault, phase loss, neutral loss, unbalance, power loss and auti-fraud

Remote control

The devices can be controlled, locked and unlocked remotely and be controlled like timer.

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