Smart Metering MCCB


MT88M is a smart electric safety supervision and power
Management system and includes both hardware and
software, which integrates the most frontier
technologies: AI, Big data, IoT and cloud computing.


Technical Specification of iMCCB

Smart Breakers are the core part of MT88M smart system, it combine protection, metering, monitor, timer, automation, event record and notice.
Item Code MT88M-LM125 MT88M-LM250 MT88M-LM400 MT88M-LM630
Standards IEC60947-2, IEC61009
Approvals CE, CCC
Poles 3P+N
Frame Current (A) 125 250 400 630
Rated Current (A) 63,80,100,125 100,125,140,160
Rated Voltage (Vac) 400
Insulation Voltage (Vac) 1000
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Metering and Billing Current,Voltage Accuracy 0.5% / Billing
Active energy Accuracy 1%, Reactive Energy Accuracy : 2%
Rated Impulsed Withstand (Vac) 8000
Voltage, Uimp (mm) >50 >100
Acing Distance Rated Ultimate Short-circuit (kA) 50 70
Breaking Capacity, Icu Rated Operating Short-circuit (kA) 35 50
Breaking Capacity, Ics Rated Residual Making and (kA) 12.5 20
Breaking Capacity (I∆m) Type (wave form of the earth) AC
Rated Residual Current (I∆n) (mA) 30, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300, 500, 800, 1000mA, Auto
Residual Action Time Characteristics Delay Type / Non Delay Type
Non Action Time Under I∆n for Delay Type (s) 0.06/0.1/0.2 for option, 2 I∆n, Details refer to user manual
Overload and Short Circuit Electrical trip, three sector protection, voltage independent, details refer to use manual
Overload and Short Circuit Electrical trip, three sector protection, voltage independent, details refer to use manual
Over Voltage Setting Threshold (Vac) 265-350(+/-5%)
Under Voltage Setting Threshold (Vac) 100-200(+/-5%)
Phase Loss Setting Threshold (Vac) 100-200(+/-5%)
Electrical Life 1000 1000 1000 1000
Mechanical Life 7000 7000 4000 4000
Accessories Auxiliary (optional)
Monitoring and Measurement Current, Voltage, Leakage current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, Frequency, Power factor, temperature of (optional), On/OFF status,
Active energy accuacy :class 2
Alarm and Event Over/under voltage, overload/overcurrent, short circuit, Residual current, phase loss, neutral loss, unbalance, power outage, temperature, manual swiching on/off,
Remote on/off, auto reclose
Protection Threshold Setting Rated current Ir1, Delay Time Ir1-T;
Short-Time delay current Ir2_N, Delay time setting Ir2_T:
Instantaneous action current Ir3;
Overvoltage; Undervoltage; Leakage current;
Phase loss; Timer period; Unbalance
Display LCD Display and Local Operation
Communication RS485, Bluetooth, HPLC (local communication), GPRS 4G, LAN RJ 45
Communication Protocol Modbus,DL/T645 (local protocol), MQTT
Software APP and Web Software Platform
Pollution Degree 2
Ambient / Storage Temperature (℃) -5 - +40 / -25 - +70
Humidity <50%
Altitude (m) <=2000
Connection From top to bottom
Dimension 240*142*138 240*142*138 336*198*180 336*198*180
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