Voltage Protected Breaker


MT66-PV voltage protected recloser is designed for distributed grid-connected PV system specially. It can monitor the real-time voltage, the device will make trip when the voltage is lower or higher a certain value and it will restart when the voltage come back to the a certain value.


Electrical Features

Item Code MT66-2P MT66-4P
Standards IEC60898, GB10963.1
Approvals CCC, CE
Rated Voltage Ue (Vac) 230 400
Frame Currem Inm (A) 80,125
Rated Current In (A) 40,50,63,80,100,125
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui (Vac) 500
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (1.2/50) Uimp (A) 2500
Rated Breaking Capacity acc.to IEC60899 Icn (A) 6000
Tripping Characteristic C (5-10In) D (10-14In)
Pollution Degree 2

Mechnical Features

Width (mm) 54 90
Electrical Life (times) 20000
Mechanical Life (times) 60000
Protection Degree IP20 IP40
Reference Temperature for Setting of Thermal Elecment (℃) 30
Ambient Temperature (℃) -25---+55
Storage Temperature (℃) -40---+70
Humidity (℃) 95%

Self-resetting Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protection

Overvoltage Action Value >290V±10V
Overvoltage Recovery Value <280V±10V
Undervoltage Action Value <160V±10V
Undervoltage Recovery Value >190V±10V


Terminal Connection Type Cable
Terminal Size Top/Bottom for Cable (mm2) 1x25.2x25
Tightening Torque (N*m) 4
Mounting On Din rail En60715(35mm) by means of fast clip device
Connection From top to bottom
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