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Project Background

In China,with the rapid growth of the number of motor vehicles, available land resources become more strained. The appearance of the underground garage effectively solves the contradiction between parking problems and land use tension. But lighting energy consumption, which accounts for 80% of the garage's energy consumption, has been a headache for many owners.


Customer Objectives

1.Intelligent lighting control system is adopted in the garage to control the electrical circuit equipment and test the electricity metering status,and analyze the time distribution and power consumption of garage lighting.
2. By detecting electrical parameters of  circuit to realize  timely alarm of electrical fault.

Scope of supply

>MT61GPS-63-G2、MT61GPT-63-G2   Intelligent air circuit breaker ammeter in Internet of Things
>M5EL-4P-125、M5EL-4P-250   Intelligent molded case meters in Internet of Things
>MT-88   Communication gateway



1. For the control system, intelligent air circuit breaker ammeter in Internet of Things is adopted to realize 24 hours load monitoring and circuit metering.
2. By detecting the electrical parameters of the circuit, system can automatically detect the lighting equipment of the circuit and identify the damaged equipment of the circuit, which is convenient for quick repair and replacement.
3. Detect electrical parameters of circuit, including line current, temperature, power, voltage, degree of unbalance, lack of phase protection, zero-break protection, in real-time, set threshold protection.
4. Remote intelligent recloser, realize remote automatic control, quickly deal with power events.


Evaluation from users

Comments from the principal of the base station:

We are very glad to cooperate with Shanghai Matis Electric Co.,Ltd. to complete the project transformation, From the early stage of the project, including data collection, field investigation, load estimation and project transformation, Matismart not only provides stable and reliable products- advanced intelligent terminals of the same period, but also found and dealt with many electrical faults in time.


The power distribution of base stations requires very high reliability. Every power failure directly affects the use of customers, causing serious economic losses. On the other hand, electricity safety and energy consumption are also very important parts in the power utilization of the base station. Some of the base stations are in remote areas, electricity delivery and timeliness are critical. However, Shanghai Matis Electric Co.,Ltd. has a unique strategy for monitoring and control in practical applications,after many times of communication, from the two directions of management and energy consumption, they proposed a solution suitable for our actual operation. 


Now, the system monitors the power utilization of the base station 24 hours a day, realizing the functions of power line management, intelligent analysis, electricity safety and electricity data monitoring in the project. The system can automatically quickly identify and alarm the abnormal electricity consumption. Meanwhile,the system realizes automatic timing management, electricity data detection and statistics, which is more convenient to promote advanced environmental protection concepts such as green electricity consumption and energy-saving control.

—— From the principal of the base station
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